Jas Panwar A Freelancer Scam

Jas Panwar
Be careful while giving him to a job..He will not finish the job but dont forget to get money.. His Company is Logictrix Tech. A big freelancer scammer. JAS-PANWAR


I will add skype talkings in days and you will see how a man can be a big lier like “Jas Panwar“(Logictrix)


Here is my skype talks with this lier
[9.11.2015 13:08:29] 2023: Hello Jas, How are you, Hope everyting is okey for you,   As before we have talked for the repayment  of my order.. Could you please do this payment? passed to much time you know..
[9.11.2015 13:09:17] Jas Panwar: how much was left?
[9.11.2015 13:09:21] Jas Panwar: can you please recall?
[9.11.2015 13:09:37] 2023: I was paid 500 $  ..
[9.11.2015 13:10:04] 2023: but I got noting as you know
[9.11.2015 13:10:20] Jas Panwar: I can send you the source code of the work complete so far
[9.11.2015 13:11:05] 2023: with this code, how much will you repay
[9.11.2015 13:11:29] Jas Panwar: I did a lot of work on that
[9.11.2015 13:11:52] Jas Panwar: so that doesn’t deserve any refund
[9.11.2015 13:12:11] Jas Panwar: so I can pay as much as you want just for your happiness
[9.11.2015 13:14:37] 2023: 🙂 Thanks but many months passed and you hadnt finished the job. and so ı cancelled the Project..  I think the half of the re payment could be ok for me.. Its the best solution for both of us..  250 $  Ok=?
[9.11.2015 13:15:24] Jas Panwar: ok
[9.11.2015 13:15:38] Jas Panwar: pls give me your paypal id and I’ll after the Holidays
[9.11.2015 13:16:12] 2023: ii.,,i@gmail.com      my pp mail.. thanks
[9.11.2015 13:16:45] Jas Panwar: k
[8.12.2015 11:30:29] 2023: Hello Jas, I think you forget the payment, Waiting for it. Thanks Metin..   i….5@gmail.com      my pp mail.
[8.12.2015 16:17:03] 2023: Hey, Waiting for your reply???
[8.12.2015 16:37:48] Jas Panwar: HI
[8.12.2015 16:37:55] Jas Panwar: Please wait for few more days
[8.12.2015 18:16:40] 2023: Ok
[7.01.2016 12:21:33] 2023: Jas, will you pay back 250 $  or not?  Please write honestly
[7.01.2016 12:23:17] Jas Panwar: I’ve not got any amount in my paypal account in past days
[7.01.2016 12:23:40] Jas Panwar: As soon as I get money from any client in Paypal, I’ll send that money to you
[7.01.2016 12:24:05] 2023: Ok waiting.. Thanks for your honest reply..
[7.01.2016 12:24:28] Jas Panwar: thanks
[7.01.2016 12:25:10] Jas Panwar: because if I add money from my bank account, they first charge me 10% and then they use very bad conversion rate so $250 become $350 for me
[7.01.2016 12:25:25] Jas Panwar: That’s why I’m waiting for payment in USD from any client
[7.01.2016 12:25:43] 2023: Ok I understand..
[5.05.2016 11:38:58] 2023: Jas I think its enough . Seems you will not send my 250$… Sorry but I will explain how a scam freelancer you to web World..  You have 3 days ( till 8 th May) more before my explanatin..  my pp:   i….5@gmail.com
[10:48:12] 2023: in 2 days I will make blogs about your name and your company explaining my bad experiance with details. .
[10:50:11] Jas Panwar: Sure..go ahead sir
[10:50:28] Jas Panwar: I’ll now never pay you..

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